Friday, March 7, 2014

Aaaaaaaaaaand done

Finished color wheel sampler
Library tote bag baby shower gift

Mo and I check out about a dozen books a week from our library. And Mo's special tote bag that her Aunt Angie made for her is a real workhorse. I liked that idea so much I made several library totes as gifts for little ones last year. But then I saw this. See that little thumbnail for the color wheel sampler workshop? And I knew I had to make one on the next bag. For some reason I have enough embroidery floss to sink a battleship--weird, right?--so I traced a salad plate and jumped right in. The stitches are not anything particularly fancy or complicated. But I am really happy with how this turned out. And without the word "library" blazoned across the side, it can be a book bag or a sleep over at grandma's house bag or a carry all 38 of my tiny plastic farm animals to the park bag. This will be my go-to 2014 bag design.

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