Thursday, January 31, 2013

Embroidered baby gifts

Library bag

Library bag detail

Every once in a while I have time for a little crafting. I was inspired by the library tote bag my sister Angie made for Mo for Christmas--which has nothing in common with this bag except shape and purpose. I think this will be my go-to baby gift for 2013. The small canvas totes came from a craft supply store in a 3 pack. And call Hoarders because I have enough embroidery floss stashed away to sink a battleship. I used a water-soluble marker to freehand the lettering, and then started stitching. The really fun part is picking out books with which to fill the bag for gifting. This winter I'm loving The Snowy Day. But I also try to pick some of Mo's favorites like I Am A Bunny and Time for Bed and Jo MacDonald.

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old dog said...

Great idea!! That is a very special gift for baby showers and Mo can help!