Saturday, January 26, 2013

The move

Breakfast at the new house

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!
(Kobayashi Issa

The unpacking and settling in is going. Slowly. Each day there are fewer piles of boxes, so that is tangible progress. The new house is shockingly bright compared to the Fig Point rental. I knew the old place was a little gloomy and cavernous, but it was a peripheral knowledge. The light here is astonishing and conspicuous, wonderful. It looks the way our family feels. Or it looks the way I want our family to feel. Cheerful, expansive, optimistic, open, neat. Tomorrow I finish cleaning at Fig Point and turn in the keys. Then our full attention can be here. Putting things in order. Editing. It feels really nice to finally be home.


Mo said...

Light makes a lot of difference.

I noticed this when we renovated our dining room/room where we put crap...I took down the curtains and washed the windows. Suddenly there was all this light. And suddenly I didn't hate that room anymore! LIGHT!!

Happy move!

Tmomma said...

Love a well lit house! Congratulations again, so glad everything is going smoothly :)

old dog said...

It looks so sweet already! Congrats on all of it... and I celebrate a light house with you. Wish I had one!!
Am painting our bedroom and it is making it lighter.

Becca said...