Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Above is a 2005 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie called "The Magic of Ordinary Days" starring Keri Russell and Skeet Ulrich. Before you balk at the mention of Hallmark or scoff at the made-for-tv-ness, I assure you that if all television movies were this good, we wouldn't need theaters anymore. "The Magic of Ordinary Days" is well written, acted, and executed. There is no dead wood at all. Every character, every sentence of dialogue, every look--even the popular song the girls sing together while driving ("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes")--furthers the story. The acting is surprisingly subtle and powerful. The actors approach their roles in a thoughtful, quiet way. The lead characters are very different, but those differences are presented in a respectful way allowing the viewers to draw their own conclusions. And it's wholesome (yes, I said "wholesome" enough to watch with your children or parents without cringing, but the story is engaging and suspenseful. I dare you to watch it. It's one of my favorites!

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