Monday, November 11, 2013

Consignment shopping

Autumn haul from the children's consignment sale

About a month ago I went to the big fall consignment sale at the fairgrounds. I created a complete inventory of Mo's 3T clothing and used that as my guide. After my first pass I sat down on the floor in the center of the madhouse, dumped out my bags, and checked all the items against my list to make sure I was on track. Then I made a targeted strike against the toddler section for specific things I missed the first time around. Here is a picture of Mo's complete 3T wardrobe, freshly laundered, as purchased at the consignment sale. That dress in the front makes me think of Olivia. Not pictured are all the shoes and toys I also dragged home. One hour in line outside the barn, one hour shopping, and one hour in the checkout line. I averaged it out when I got home and found I paid about $3 for each thing that I purchased. Not too shabby!

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