Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yard sale wrap up

Whew, what a morning. I write that even though Robb did the real work. All I did was chase Mo around in the sunshine. He sold about $60 worth of junk treasures today. Everything we did not sell is going to be donated to the thrift store this week. Plus we sold, delivered, and installed the old washing machine at its new home. Success! While I'm at it I must mention that being at the old house, Fig Point, was really depressing. We set up our yard sale items in the driveway there. I never felt like we did as much as we could have for the yard there, but ten months of full neglect tells a different story. The bushes are so overgrown it's difficult to see the front of the house from the street. The ivy is overtaking the front porch steps. The mint escaped the flowerbeds and advanced several feet into the back lawn. And the bank has drilled out all the door locks and changed them.

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