Saturday, February 23, 2013


Just when I was feeling sorry for myself for having a tough week (Robb on a business trip while I was at home with a sick kiddo cutting a molar), I went into work last night, and we had five scheduled euthanasias for the end of the night. Five! That's totally unheard of. Each of the pets was very sick, and it was the right and humane thing to be doing, but still it makes for a very heart-wrenching work day. I overheard the doctor patiently explaining to a three-year-old why his (poor cancer-riddled) doggie was such a good boy that God needed him in heaven. *gah* And then I went home and promptly hugged both my dog and my child. No one who dreams of growing up to be a veterinarian probably envisions that aspect of the job. I really felt for one of our newer nurses who was fighting hard not to cry in front of the clients because she doesn't realize yet that it's not unprofessional to cry a little when someone is saying their final farewells to a beloved family member. It's a sign of compassion. It communicates to them that you are human and caring and...  Here's hoping today's work day involves baskets of puppies and kittens and sunshine.

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Steel City Baking said...

This is so sad! I am going to hug Millie right now. (not Mike, who is sitting next to me, but Millie)