Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lenten list

1. Only on days I wear khaki pants my black dog twines around my legs like a cat. This morning was a double dose as I also had a white shirt on. The shirt I managed to salvage with some masking tape. But the pants went into the hamper. It looked like I rolled around in the vacuum canister.

2. "Uppidah!" I don't want to forget this current Mo-ism. Although she knows and uses the words "up" and "down," uppidah is her aloha of directional instructions. It means "pick me up," "put me down," "lift me up and over," "move that obstacle out of my way," and "help me climb up and/or down."

3. I used the words el cheapo to describe something when I was talking to my artist friend Juan who is from Honduras. This was about five years ago, and it's still intermittently on my mind. He asked if I had some expensive piece of art equipment, and I replied no, that I use an el cheapo version. Then I paused and asked, "That's not real Spanish?" He laughed and shook his head. But upon reflection it strikes me as racist to imply that goods produced in Spanish-speaking countries are low quality or inferior. If I'm uncomfortable using a phrase in speaking to Juan, I probably shouldn't use it at all, right?

4. Two current projects are underway for the duration of Lent (and hopefully beyond). First, I am going to update my family history blog at least once a week. I have posted twice there so far. Second, I am going to have Mo assist me in the kitchen at least once a week. I think of this goal as "Cooking with Sasquatch." Although I'm not sure if she's the sasquatch or if I am. We made mini-pizzas this week. Hilarity ensued. I got pictures.

5. My friends are attending a workshop seminar thing about potty training in two weeks, and they are encouraging me to go with them. I'm not going. We've been working on it since October, and I feel comfortable with the progress and our methods. It's a war of attrition that I will win because I have greater resources and infinite patience. We introduced a bribe into the mix: when Mo successfully uses the potty, she gets an M&M as a reward. She will do just about anything for "emmy-emms." End of seminar. [Edited to add: after a grumpy day (on my part) and very little success on the pot (on Mo's part) I might be reconsidering my stance here. Not feeling like such a winner right now.]


Tmomma said...

she's still really young for potty training, i wouldn't worry about it. with both of the boys, when they were ready, it was easy, pretty much day and night trained within a week and very few accidents; I can't probably count on 1 hand the accidents each of them have had! now, roo was closer to 4 and i was starting to worry, but when he was ready, he was ready. bug was a new 3 year old and was ready, we waited until he started in a new daycare, they gave him stickers as an incentive and seriously, in a week, he was good to go! don't let that mommy peer pressure get to you! :)

bbmowery said...

Actually, none of my mommy friends have started potty training with their same age kiddos. We've been working on it since October because Mo started peeing (all over the floor or her clothes) when we took her diaper off for changes. She was really excited about using the potty--and especially about reading lots of books while she's sitting on the potty. We let her flush the toilet, and she liked that a lot. If she uses the potty at least once in a day I consider it success. Since the move she's been less into it. Doesn't help that the fancy toilet in her bathroom has the flusher button in the center of top where she can't reach it--oh, my terrible first-world problems!