Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Under the warmer with Dad

Before Maureen was born, I gave Robb a strict set of marching instructions. Once the baby was out he was to stay with the baby. I said it like this: STAY WITH THE BABY. Under no circumstances was he to let the baby out of his sight. I would be fine. There would be medical professionals looking after me. So as the nurses whisked our newborn to the warming station to get her clean and dry, Robb followed and stood silently in awe watching the proceedings. The screen was still up in front of me, so I could not see the baby yet. But I could hear her crying. I pulled my oxygen mask aside and asked the anesthesiologist to tell Robb to talk to Maureen. She relayed the message for me.

"What should I say?"

"Tell her you love her," said Dr. Smith.

"Of course I love her!"

But from the moment Robb started speaking, Maureen stopped crying. She recognized her Dad's voice. He was the first person she recognized in this world.

Proud Papa

Witnessing Robb becoming a father and watching him in action as a dad has really been a joy to me. This guy is completely smitten. Look at him. He is in deep smit with his little girl.

Flying baby

Big yawn


First time in the exersaucer

Grabbing his beard

Happy First Father's Day, Robb!


old dog said...

This is the beautiful truth. Deep Smit. Ain't Love Grand!

Kate said...

You made me cry! I love the story with him saying "of course i love her".