Friday, June 17, 2011

Separating wheat from chaff

Sorting out the pantry - goodies

Sorting out the pantry - baddies

I went a little crazy last week. Sorting the goodies from the baddies. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Except in my case I'm only interested in eating chaff. I read labels for wheat gluten and its many aliases. And checked expiration dates on packages. That led to some frightening discoveries. Mainly I need to clean out the pantry more often. Good rule of thumb: if you can't remember purchasing a particular food item, it's time to chuck it.

Clean kitchen

Clean counters new canisters

But it didn't stop with the pantry shakedown. I moved on to scrubbing the cabinet faces and the counters. And I while I was standing on a chair I noticed that the top of the curtains were dusty (moreso than I care to admit), so into the wash with them. Whoa, the windows look really huge with the curtains down. If we weren't renters I would have chucked those nasty old shades too. (They are all over the house, and our landlord is not interested in reimbursing us for miniblinds, so they will remain.) But check out our new canister set (Thanks, Aunt Bunny!). Red and white--that sends me to the moon! Also I would like to note that our drying rack that looks like a tiny lawn is ingenious and truly indispensable. It can hold a ridiculous amount of baby feeding gear and breast pump accessories. I highly recommend it.

Egg onion peppers celery

Crunching up Kix cereal to use as breadcrumbs


Now it's all about modifying recipes like the burgers above. I crunched up Kix cereal to use as breadcrumbs, and it worked just fine. Yes, I could purchase gluten free breadcrumbs at the store, but that's kind of ridiculous. Printing the words "gluten free" on a package sets a tricky equation into motion:

"gluten free" + food = normal price x 2 

There are enough foods available that do not contain wheat gluten and do not need to be labeled as such, mainly found around the periphery of the grocery store. You know, all that unprocessed stuff. Eggs, butter, milk, veggies, fruit, meat. So there will be a whole lot more cooking from scratch around here. Especially bread. I need to start experimenting with gf bread recipes and soon because this pseudo-Adkins thing I've been doing has got to go. This past week I even got Robb to try (and like) paella. It's a brave new world here at Fig Point!


old dog said...

I am in awe! Great job on purging the baddies. So what is Kix made of?? my guess is corn?
Love the canisters!! Hey Aunt Bunny, send some my way!
You will most likely ace the recipes and open a G.F. bakery to make millions.

Tmomma said...

I'm jealous of that egg in your photo! Would love to be able to add to burgers. I love that we cook from scratch and I'll bet you''ll love it too. N actually says I'm a good cook now! Ha, after all these years, I'm finally a good cook when I have the most restrictions with what I'm allowed to cook! The internet has been an amazing source of info, enough so that I'm actually getting good at modifying some recipes on my own now, and they work even better, who'd of though I'd be able to be a good cook 10 years ago. This past months goal has been to eliminate HFCS from sauces we use and I finally found a good bbq sauce that is HFCS free, score! Now onto changing our catsup!

Have you looked up Bob's Red Mill? They have everything you need for various types of "free" baking. Also, the Babycakes NYC cookbook has some good baking recipes, mostly GF, and I have to say, what I have made has been great, but this cookbook has stumped me more than some others. If there's something in particular you're feeling like making, I can send you some recipes over email...same for bread, I may have some in my bread book.

old dog said...

I'd be interested in that bbq sauce recipe if you'd like to pass it on?

Tmomma said...

old dog, it's not actually a recipe but Dinosaur BBQ sauce, we're able to get it at our local wegman's. Here's the link:

i've also made a bbq sauce from scratch before, but this was definitely better than anything I made

Mo said...

This GF thing is so tricky-looking from the outside (I have a friend who has a severe gluten alergy), but MY oh MY does your kitchen look awesome!

Yay manic cleaning storm!