Friday, November 5, 2010

Knitting my life away

Baby eggplant - super girly

I've spent the week all wrapped up in yarn. Except for Tuesday when I spent 14 hours working the general election, which left me wiped out on Wednesday. So we'll call it therapeutic knitting. Hell, all the knitting I do is therapeutic. Above--and I'm so excited about how this little sweater turned out--is my Baby Eggplant. I knocked this out in two days. If you have a skein of really special yarn waiting in the wings, this is the perfect last minute gift type project to showcase it. When the hand dyed Rainbow Chard (ordered from Cosymakes) arrived in the mail this week Robb said, "That yarn is really girly looking."

I tried to be convincing in the midst of several shades of pinkish purple: "Um, it's RAVENS colors."

"Every purple in the world is not Ravens colors." Rob shook his head, "What are you going to do if we have a boy?"

"I'll make another sweater in boy colors and gift this one to the next person we know who's expecting a baby girl."

"Fair enough."

Buttons detail

It is really girly looking. So I went for it and stitched on the girliest buttons I own: pink ones with pressed flowers inside. (Project on Ravelry here.)

Baby v-neck in Fisherman

And I finished up this fisherman sweater I've been noodling around with for a few weeks. I'm embarrassed at how bad I am at stitching things together, like the arms to the body here. I did a much neater job on Colin's green sweater, thank goodness. Why can't all patterns be written with as little seaming as possible? I even modified this pattern to work the body and sleeves in the round, so I wouldn't have to seam all the way up the sides. (Full details of my pattern modifications are here.)

Embroidery detail

Overall I'm happy with the results. Probably because of these embroidered seedlings. And I am content to realize that the baby will outgrow it long before anyone really starts scrutinizing the shoulders and armpits of the sweater.


Mo said...

I'm totally knitting my face off right now too.

I must now make this (these) sweater(s).

Also, I haven't met anyone who stops to look at an adorable besweatered baby somewhere and goes "holy cow. had some trouble with those seams, huh? psh."

bbmowery said...

I think I have an addiction: I started another Baby Eggplant sweater with really crazy rainbow colored yarn. I'm not sure if I like it yet. If nothing else, the baby will be adorable, right? Unless we have one of those ugly babies. The ones that draw vague comments like, "OH. Isn't he/she, er, something?" Then they might only be able to comment on the jacked up sweater he/she is wearing.