Saturday, November 6, 2010

Veterans day

Uncle John died two weeks ago. While I knew he had been a POW, I didn't know much more than that about his service record. Funny how those things don't come up in conversation. He met Aunt Jane at a lawn party. That's what they call community carnivals in western Virginia. Jane had already raised three daughters on her own by then, and John had a grown son. But before they married and made their life together, John had already spent a lifetime with the U.S. Army. He served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He was taken prisoner by the Germans (and escaped) and again by the North Vietnamese. He received two Purple Hearts and was also decorated for valor for parachuting in behind enemy lines. Not that he would have told me war stories or anything, but I would have liked to have known. He was a thin, soft spoken man with a good sense of humor. And I will miss him. Thanks for your service, Uncle John.

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