Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring cleaning

I got a bit of the spring fever today and deleted 732 blog posts. I stopped deleting at Mo's birth. But I might continue, might wipe the slate clean. Mo is 4 years old now, and Margo is 4 months. The baby is healthy and cheerful. The sisters adore one another. The biggest surprise here is that I am painting all the time. So much more painting than writing. My poor old blog got lost in the shuffle of life. It's a good thing, though, to be fully immersed in life. To stop standing behind the camera and be part of the action.

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Tmomma said...

as i'm sure you've seen, i have been terrible at blogging for the last year. but, the boys love reading the blog, so i'm thinking i may update once in a while again. they love reading about themselves as babies and think the things they used to do are hilarious. it's great bonding time. they loved the story of the skunk (or stunk as bug says) stealking optimus prime on vacation, and we shocked i would make up a story like that, but loved it. anyway, that's my story of negleting my blog, lol!