Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Pregnancy: it's not as fun as you remember it. Luckily the pukesies and misery of the first trimester are well behind me. I lost 8 pounds. But now I believe I am enormous. There was a week or so that I couldn't catch my breath when my uterus started its northern migration and jammed all of my organs into my throat. My yoga instructor would intone for us to enjoy one more round of deep breaths, and I could complete about 15 hummingbird-sized breaths in the allotted time. Otherwise, things are good. A little insomnia, a little back pain, and a desire for sauerkraut. Most of the time I sort of keep the pregnancy on the back burner and just chase after Mo. She tells me she has a baby growing her tummy, too. Nice show of solidarity.

I have been painting, painting, painting all the time because tomorrow I deliver paintings for a exhibition in June at Bishop's Stock. More info on this to follow.


Tmomma said...

Agree that second pregnancy is a little less comfortable than the first. I remember someone at work kindly asking me how I was feeling and I smile and said good but was thinking that they really didn't want to hear that I felt like my pelvis was going to break. Glad you're feeling better and I'm sure you're not huge!

bbmowery said...

I'm HUGE! ;)