Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paint Snow Hill 2014

Saturday Night's Wet Paint Show and Sale

Here is my photo album from Paint Snow Hill. I should add a photo of my living room and call it "explosion at baggage claim." Slowly getting things put away and catching up on rest. This was my 8th year at PSH. There were 68 artists painting in the coldest, windiest weather the event has ever known. As usual I hid in my car. My mom came with me because a) it was Easter weekend, and b) I'm pregnant! I've had terrible morning sickness this time around, and everyone was worried I would keel over in a ditch. So Mom offered to tag along to keep an eye on me. And we had a great time together. And then I sold 9 paintings at the show. Take that in for a moment: NINE PAINTINGS! Every painting in the picture above, gone. I finished a painting of All Hallows Church on Sunday morning, and that one stayed behind for the May show at Bishop's Stock. So the only thing I brought home with me was the Lissa Abrams painting "Pine Bank" that I purchased. I'm still sort of in shock about the whole thing and not entirely sure what to make of it.


Maxine Michaelides said...

I was so happy to hear of the new addition to our family, hopefully the morning sickness will be very short lived.

Tmomma said...

You're awesome!! :)

bbmowery said...

Aunt Maxine, thank you!

Tmomma, thank you, too! PSH was crazytown!

old dog said...

I think you have created a following of people who love your work. That is not surprising. Maybe your prices need to increase in the future? For now just bask in the wonderful reality that your art is worth owning!