Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sinus-buster soup

We've all be nursing head colds for several days. Last night I wanted to make chicken noodle soup but didn't feel like cooking chicken. Or noodles. Here is what went into the base--it's like napalm for your nose, throat, and ear canals:

1 carton of low sodium chicken stock
1 Tablespoon of snipped chives
1-2 Tablespoons of grated fresh ginger
1 Tablespoon of minced garlic
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
a dash or two of red pepper flakes

Then I chopped up some celery, carrots, and red potatoes. And we had about a half a can of low sodium garbanzo beans in the fridge, so they went into the pot, too. Simmer until you can easily pierce the potatoes and carrots with a fork. Salt to taste. (We're keeping a close eye on sodium intake here, so everything is salt to taste these days.)

It's really not worth photographing. I'm terrible at food photography anyway. It looks like soup. But it works like a sledge hammer. Between the steam and the super spicy-heat, I was breathing through my nose again. And my ears unclogged. And my hair follicles started to tingle. It's that strong. You'll feel good enough to rejoin the land of the living. Just remember to brush your teeth before going out in public. The public will thank you.


Tmomma said...

we like to put sirancha in our chicken noodle soup. something about the kick in it is pretty awesome. but too much and it's not good, not like pho where you can put more in. anyway, happy breathing!

bbmowery said...

What is sirancha?--I'm not sure I've ever had that before.

Tmomma said...

i don't know if i spelled it correctly, but it's the spicy stuff in the big red plastic bottle with the little green nozzle thing on top. they have it at pho restaurants and other japanese type places. maybe it's spelled srirancha?

bbmowery said...

However you spell it, I'm not sure I know what it is. I will have to investigate! :)