Saturday, December 21, 2013

First day of winter and it's 70 degrees here

In no particular order:

The Rainbow Loom is not the season's hottest gift; marketers at craft retailers are trying to trick you. [I stand corrected.] Children really like stickers and chap stick and glitter.

The motherboard in our desktop decided to retire for a long winter's nap. Sad face exclamation mark. As it was home to the downloaded music, the mix cds will all have to wait until we've moved the hard drive into a new host.

Robb was in the right place at the right time this morning. He found an extension ladder at a yard sale for $25. /Score! It looks like our gutters might get cleaned before the new year after all.

We've had a problem with aggressive teens using our side yard as a short cut into the neighborhood behind our house. They stole some things from Robb's truck. And dropped an f-bomb on him one day when he caught a dozen of them walking casually around our house. While he was holding Mo. Not cool. Robb said, "Excuse me? And the kid said, "You heard me, OLD MAN, f*ck you." Grr. That was a couple months ago. Today I saw two of them carrying skateboards cut around the truck, so I said, "What are you doing in my yard?" They looked at each other and laughed, so I shouted, "HEY A**HOLES!" out the front window. They continued on their merry way, a little faster but undeterred. I forgot to shake my fist. Next time...

I was feeling pretty festive and generous of spirit until then. Hmmpf.

Mo is a terrible eater right now. She demands processed meat (bacon, pepperoni, sausage) and uncooked noodles (spaghetti, ramen) all the time. How do you get through these phases of lousy toddler eating habits?

Robb's giant kidney stone will live to fight another day. It was so fearsome that the lithotripter broke on Thursday. We'll try it again in January.

I wore flip flops to walk the dog just now. Happy first day of winter!


Tmomma said...

Our house across the neighborhood used to have a couple of teens cut through to the farm behind. Never any issues with them, and one day when I was preggo with Roo and chasing mice, they offered to help (good story this one!). But, the teens mom, that's an entirely different story and the grandfather as well. Two of the primary reasons we moved. There were others of course, but we're happy to be away from them.

Bad eating habits, oh so frustrating. Roo is an amazing eater and always has been. Bug, is still a terrible eater. His allergist says it's totally normal for a kid like him, but still, eat = grow. He's so stubborn that even the "just take a taste" turns into a battle.

I wore flip flops yesterday, it was fantastic!

Oh, and the loom. It's pretty amazing. Several of the girls on the swim team have one, and they're awesome about sharing it at meets and sharing the bracelets they make. I remember one of the parents saying that their kid hadn't used any electronics in the two weeks since they purchased it! We're probably going to buy some bags of bands to bring to the next meet as a thank you for all the sharing.

Tmomma said...

oh man, you crack me up with the line through the rainbow loom portion. what's also good about it, is that it's not too expensive and there's another version called the crazy loom you can get at toys r us for even less that works well too. we would have loved it growing up. and this from a mom with boys, lol! :)