Saturday, November 16, 2013

I just wanna bang on the drum all day

In Threes pullover
I love my new job. Things were slow tonight, so I knocked out several rows of Mo's In Threes Cardigan which I am making as a pullover. I have run out of this yarn in this color and am deciding if the rest should be green (and thus Christmassy) or if I should use lavender (which will match nicely but it's scratchy). Who knows whether Mo will consent to wear it no matter what color I make it. Why am I teaching her to think independently again?

Sleepy dog doodle
Also I did a doodle of this drowsy doggie. She had emergency surgery earlier in the evening. The doctor removed a corn cob from her digestive tract. Nasty things corn cobs. They are unfortunately the perfect size for swallowing and the perfect diameter to act as a cork within your pet's vital systems. When I left for the night this puppers was in recovery and doing just fine.

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