Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baking the day away

I'm making a double batch of banana bread. I had to get all of those bananas out of my freezer. When they start turning black, I pop them into a zipper bag in the freezer. Then once I've accumulated 3 or 4 bananas I thaw them out and make bread. I'm far too lazy to squash a fresh banana. The first time I used frozen bananas I did not expect the squishy-banana-slug-thing to slither out of it's blackened peel. But now it's perversely my favorite part of the whole operation. I showed Robb this morning how a thawed banana faints dead away into the bowl, and he rewarded me with, "Ohmygod, gross!" Good times. One loaf will go to work with Robb tomorrow, and one will go with me to book club.


Tmomma said...

banana bread is a hit in our house, and can easily be made without eggs or dairy, which is even more fantastic. imagine my frustration when the over ripe banana disappears only to find out nate put it in the trash!!!! i'll have to start popping them in the freezer, he never looks there!

bbmowery said...

Freezing them is great when you have one banana you didn't quite eat in time. :)