Thursday, June 6, 2013

A week in the life of Mo

Playing with the bead maze at the new library
Helping in the kitchen
Riding a horse named Scout
Ice cream with Jessie making duck lips
Drinking fountain
Is that a quarter in your ear, Mr. Fox?
17 year cicadas
Stop and smell the flowers
Lookingfor dragonflies

Our new library has been open for 2 weeks. It has a terrific children's section complete with a massive bead maze, play kitchen, bins full of toys, comfy chairs, and of course books. We have been there several times now. Last week saw temps around 90, so Mo and I hit the playground early before the slides got too hot. She's becoming a very proficient climber. Our bananas browned on the counter before we ate them all, so we baked banana bread together. Jessie joined us for Jefferson Patterson Park's annual Children's Day on the Farm. We became members of BCNES and have been to the Battle Creek Nature Center twice this week. Just when we were getting used to the distant whir of bug-song the cicadas are starting to die off. And as you can see from the last three photos Mo is very into wearing flowers, smelling flowers, and picking flowers these days.

I was glad that last Friday was Mo's last day of school at the Judy Center. -- She goes for 1 hour one day a week during the school year. The program and staff are great. And I think Mo enjoys the program. But I still feel really conflicted about the concept of "school readiness" for a 2 year old. (For example, consider Sweden.) It's sort of the same sick feeling I get when I see commercials for online early learning academies. Classrooms and screen-time do not seem age-appropriate venues. -- Regardless, I was happy that school let out and looking forward to the summer being a less structured time of play and cooking and hiking and trips to the zoo and swimming and ice cream and library books.

I have a mommy-friend who is a real planner, though. While I want to be polite and not tread on her toes, I am learning to say no to her well-intentioned machinations. No, we're not enrolling Mo in xyz. She will not be an over-scheduled kid. The sanctity of the summer will be preserved.

That said, our vacation begins when I get off work Saturday afternoon. We canceled our trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto because we need a new heat pump this year. At first I was really down in the dumps about it. But then we altered our plans to fit the tight budget, a cheap-cation if you will, and it's going to be a more comfortable and relaxing 10 days. On agenda are swimming, fishing, a visit to the zoo, time with grandparents, and a trip to Pittsburgh. Should be really fun!


Tmomma said...

Love her flower necklace! She's so cute!

We had to cancel our Maine vacation because of the furlough and haven't committed to xmas in SC because we're not sure of how we'll be doing after the furlough.

We are going to have M-F in OC with the kids best friends.

5 days of school left and then swimming is the only activity for Roo and he's excited about the summer team. We'll have a nice summer break from all the after school games and practices and my least favorite homework!

I need to send you a note, we'd like to come out one furlough friday to hang out with you guys :)

bbmowery said...

Ug, yes, we're coming up on furlough days also. Stupid Congress. I'll check with Robb to figure out exactly which days he's off. That's a good idea to turn a bummer furlough day into a visit. :)