Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making freezer waffles

Ingredients for waffles pre measured

One of our cooking projects with Mo was waffles. While I pre-measured the ingredients and lined everything up on the counter, Robb rounded up our little chef.

I wish you could see the look on her face how excited she is that everyone is wearing aprons

First, we all washed our hands and donned our aprons. I think the donning of aprons is Mo's favorite part of cooking. Robb wore a Valentine apron made by Great Aunt Sissy, Mo wore a green checked apron that was made for me as a child by Barbara Streaker (my namesake), and I wore a white and pink apron made by Theresa.

Even Sukey is excited about mixing up a batch of waffles

Sukey could feel the excitement buzzing in the kitchen and came to see what was going on.

Momo mixing the dry ingredients

Up on the step stool, Mo's first task was to mix the dry ingredients together in the big bowl. At first she was tentative, but then she gained confidence and enthusiasm.

Momo getting excited about mixing while Dad deflects ingredients flying out of bowl

Robb tried to deflect everything that was flying out of the bowl. But you know what they say: you can't make a dozen waffles without spilling a cup of flour...

More mixing of dry ingredients

Mo was really concentrating.

Wet ingredients have been added now Dad helps Momo with mixing

Then we added the wet ingredients. Robb assisted with the mixing.

The waffle batter must smell good now because the dog in the background is staying close

The batter looked good. So just when Mo's attention was fading, Robb got her cleaned up, and I took over cooking the waffles.

Then Mom slaves over the hot waffle maker for 15 minutes and we have breakfast for the week ready for the freezer

Fast forward a bit, and we have a bag of Mo-made waffles ready for the freezer.

Momo eating her waffles the next morning yum

And the next morning I warmed them up in the toaster, and Mo enjoyed a breakfast that she made herself!


Tmomma said...

Bug used to like waffles every day and then stopped but suddenly today wanted them again. I recently got Eggos for Roo...not ideal and not allergy friendly at all. We're busy moving and I haven't been doing our grocery shopping at our normal store. Thanks for the reminder about how easy freezer waffles are, will be at the top of the to do list when we get moved into the new house. I promised Bug I'd buy his waffles this weekend, which are far better than Eggos anyway. Looks like she had a lot of fun, and she's so cute too!

old dog said...

Still getting used to the "new home" pictures. It is so bright and cheerful. Love the Donning of Aprons. Seems like there should be a musical fanfare....
Those waffles look good enough to mail? That is what Grandpa would say :)
Thanks for the pictures. WE LOVE THEM

bbmowery said...

Tmomma - We're trying to wean ourselves off the Eggos. Once I made a couple of homemade batches I realized how comparatively expensive the store-bought waffles are. Good luck with your move (is it this weekend?)! I wish I didn't work on Saturdays. I would be right there with you.

Theresa - Yay, I'm glad the pictures arrived! I need to take some more house pictures and send them along. Maybe that will be my big project for this week. Sorry Rick, I don't think the waffles would keep in the mail. Love to you all!