Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are a little displaced this Thanksgiving Day because Mom is out of town, and she hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house every year for the past four decades. Thankfully we shared a wonderful dinner with Robb's side of the family last night. As the little cousins get bigger, the family gatherings keep getting rowdier in the best possible way. This morning, weather permitting, we will be taking Maureen to the National Zoo for the very first time. I am excited to see what she makes of all the animals from her books walking around in real life. In the meantime, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! And to kick off the holiday season, a poem--a prayer--to set the bar high for the coming year, to help us remember to cherish one another, to give the present of being present. Glad tidings!

 "A Prayer among Friends"
by John Daniel

Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive
with one another, we walk here
in the light of this unlikely world
that isn't ours for long.
May we spend generously
the time we are given.
May we enact our responsibilities
as thoroughly as we enjoy
our pleasures. May we see with clarity,
may we seek a vision
that serves all beings, may we honor
the mystery surpassing our sight,
and may we hold in our hands
the gift of good work
and bear it forth whole, as we
were borne forth by a power we praise
to this one Earth, this homeland of all we love.

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