Monday, March 12, 2012


Too cool for school

1. Yes, this photo kills me. The sunglasses. The walking around. The terrible job I did trimming her bangs. Kills me.

2. Yes, Mo was a little old to have a serious case of RSV. The main reason for the hospital stay was the combination of her high fever and dehydration. She couldn't keep down the oral ibuprofen and acetaminophen--or anything else she ate or drank--at home.

3. No, there's usually not a sea of vomit with RSV. It's generally a lung infection that causes breathing trouble. But Mo's lungs sounded and looked good throughout. The hospital's pediatrician said she had seen a number of RSV cases this season with gastrointestinal symptoms. She suspects the virus is changing.

4. No, I am not eating gluten free anymore. My new year's resolution was to stop listening to my doctor because avoiding gluten is a pain in my butt. And if I don't need to do it I'm not. Tomorrow I go in for bloodwork, so I will know soon how that's working out for me.

5. And while we're on the subject of resolutions I saw someone on the internets wrote something like, "If you don't have enough time to do what you want to do, turn off the tv." So true. I have enough time (baby permitting), just too much screen time and mindless distractions eating it up. So first I quit the moms meetup group. Then I pared down the blogroll I follow. And I saw that Theresa ditched FaceBook--very tempting! And in a fit of mental housekeeping I considered deleting my blog but stopped short. So I'm trying to stay away from the computer during the day. Success is mixed.

6. No, I won't be joining Pinterest anytime soon. I'm concerned that I will spend more time bookmarking than actually doing/making, and in the end it will make me less creative and productive.

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Tmomma said...

Bug is 3 and had RSV this fall. Luckily it wasn't a bad case but the ped could tell right away b/c of the nature of the snot. The urgent care I took him to two days before was a complete waste of time and misdiagnosed him based on a medicine his ped had him trialing for some of his allergy issues, idiots. Glad Mo is doing better!

Don't leave your blog, I love your updates, no matter the frequency! Plus, not sure if you scrapbook, but it negates the need to do that (at least that's what I tell myself!).

I joined Pinterest. I don't get it, I tried. I haven't been on since a couple days after I joined. Not joining is ok! Just use google when you're looking for ideas and you'll get the same results!

Hope you get a good report now that you've added gluten back and can continue to do so, avoiding anything like that is a pain! Getting it back is sweet victory!

Love the pic of Mo at the top of your blog, really cute!

We should get together soon!