Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fledgling quilter strikes again

Becky's baby quilt is finished

My cousin Becky and her husband Chris are expecting a little boy in about 8 weeks. A conversation at Thanksgiving revealed that Becky has very specific ideas about which colors she considers masculine enough for baby boys. But at the fabric store I couldn't bring myself to choose the navy blue fabric with the dark, drab looking dinosaurs on it. And the more cheerful looking dinos were mostly brown and orange and weird. Who designs some of these creepy "nursery prints"? Ultimately I came back to the fish fabric. It's really colorful...I just hope it's boyish enough for them.

Becky's baby quilt detail shots

So the blanket is kind of huge. I wanted Becky to have a workhorse. Something homemade but not so fussy that she's afraid to use it. Because babies spill stuff and spit up and leak, and inevitably your dog thinks that every blanket on the floor is a new dog bed for her. So it's 100% cotton for easy laundering. I put aqua colored flannel on the back and chose a watery looking batik for the binding. And because this is a whole-cloth-quilt, I decided to hand quilt it along the wavy pattern lines in the fish fabric, alternating every 3 stripes then every 5 stripes. My first time hand quilting--it went pretty well.

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