Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Wildflowers in January

It seems incongruous that it should be a beautiful day and the end of January and Lisa's funeral all at once. (I read and reread the obituary, but it definitely fails to mention that she was the "beloved wife of Shawn"--am I missing something?) The twins flew to Wisconsin last night. I can't speak for the weather there, but here it is like spring. Even the flowers are confused. All the bulbs are bolting skyward and tiny wildflowers in the lawn are blooming.

Taking the long walk

We went for a long slow mid-morning walk.

Momo in a bear suit

Putting the baby in the bear suit was probably overkill.

Tiny bridge

Standing water ghost cars

Everything shiny from yesterday's rain but smelling like a spring thaw. I collected a handful of moss for a spontaneous terrarium. And as I review these photos I realize that the light sensors on my old digital camera are wearing thin. They tell the little mechanical brain to BRIGHTEN!!!! when not brightening would do nicely. But the old point-and-click will have to serve until I splurge on myself and get a Lytro (which will not actually be happening). There are worse things in life than chronic brightening. In fact I could use the brightness today.

Collecting moss

Ball jar terrarium

Place turkey. Screw down the lid. And there you have it: sunny day preserves for the long winter ahead.


Tmomma said...

is it a real turkey?

bbmowery said...

Yes, a baby one.

Tmomma said...

wow! how long until it gets too big for the glass? Mo will love watching it grow, my boys are going to grow sea monkeys :)

bbmowery said...

No wait, Robb says it's a finch.

Rebecca said...

so sorry to hear about Lisa; I remember you speaking warmly of her...

definitely a finch ;)