Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burning the midni... 9pm oil

Coffee of course

Dear Circo brand,
The head holes in the girls infant/toddler t-shirts are too dang small. Perhaps they are manufactured in a country full of pinheads. I don't know. But I wanted to thank you for providing me with shirts AND homework.
Grateful to have something to do,

Shirt restyling

Modified Circo shirt

Modified shirt and bluewool play pants.

Two shirts fixed, one still on the drawing board. While I had the sewing machine fired up, I decided to make some wool pants for Momo out of the sleeves of some felted sweaters I've had laying around forever. I used a pair of Garanimals sweatpants that fit her well as a model. This little project was so easy, I can't believe I hadn't thought of doing it before. Anyone got old stained, holey, out of style wool sweaters at the back of their closet they would like to donate to me???


Pants under construction

Green wool play pants

The blue ones were done first, and the test-fit revealed that I had not created enough rise in the back. So the green pants were made with more booty space and turned out great. I just need to go back and fix the blue ones now.

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