Monday, December 12, 2011

Not much on the needles

This December I'm barely knitting at all compared to past years when I've been frantically weaving in ends on Christmas morning. I am making a heartwarmer for Maureen for Christmas (raveled here) using City Tweed merino/alpaca blend. I'm working in the color snowshoe right now but considering a color change for the lace. Maybe to toad or jacquard...we'll see. For now the project lives in my purse, and whenever the baby falls asleep in the car I drag it out for a little parking lot knitting. It's coming along slowly. Also I have a late night top secret embroidery project I'm chipping away at that may or may not be ready in time for Christmas. And this cowl neck project is on my post-holiday-crafting-to-do list. I need to figure out what item of clothing will go under the knife to become the frankencowl.

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Rebecca said...

"frankencowl" :)