Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby's first Halloween

Ravenette for game day


On Sunday Maureen wore her scary costume: Ravens cheerleader. *shudder* Yes, I wanted to be a Redskinette when I was little, but that was completely different. Number one: it was the Redskins. Number two: there doesn't need to be a number was the Redskins. Case closed.

Naptime for Ravenette

Although I did not make Maureen's costumes this year, both costumes were recycled. We found the cheerleader suit at the Goodwill in Eldersburg with Charlene for $2. Robb noticed what we did not--it had LEAH printed across the back. I said, "This is such a great bargain, we will change her name. What do you think, Leah?" Leah smiled back at me. And that's the story of why we changed our daughter's name.

Er, I mean, and then I stitched a pair of white fleece wings onto the back to the dress to obscure the decal.

Happy Halloween

Of course there's the holiday bib shot.

Going trick or treating for the first time

Then on Halloween afternoon, we dressed Leah Maureen up in her turtle costume and hit the streets. She looks totally psyched about trick-or-treating in this picture. In reality she was not such a fan of having the hood up, but it was chilly outside.

Turtle with Dad

The turtle costume was $2 at the Clarksville Picnic this summer, so we did baby's first Halloween for under $5.

Trick or treat, Peg

We went to three houses. Each time we came to the door they said the same thing, "She's a frog!"

"No, she's a turtle," we said and turned around so they could see her shell.


Baby turtle on the move

It was more convincing when she crawled. And made growling noises at Peg and John's cat Shadow. In all fairness Shadow was probably asking for it.


Tmomma said...

she's so cute and like the post above with the pumpkin costumes too!

bbmowery said...

I like that Charlene convinced the boys to wear tights.