Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to autumn

Leaf on the road

We found three small crickets in the house in as many days. Robb says it means the weather has taken a real turn toward cold. After the hottest summer on record in the DC Metro area, cool days are welcome.

Glenelg Class of '91 Twentieth HS Reunion

Robb's class reunion was a lot of fun. I finally met Dawn, my nemesis for the past ten years, pictured above second from the left. She was Robb's girlfriend in high school. (That trollop.) But meeting Dawn ruined everything. I mean, how can I keep holding a fake grudge against someone who looks and acts like she might be the nicest kindergarten teacher in the world? I'm just wasting energy there.

Edge of my sewing table

I completed and mailed a very VERY belated something that's been on the sewing table. More on this toward the end of the week when I'm quite sure the eagle has landed.

Outside the corn maze

On a hayride

Pumpkin patch with Gramma Lizzie

Of course we are still keeping Maureen around. We took her to Bowles Farm today to pick out a pumpkin, visit the petting zoo, and take a spin on the hayride. Most of all she enjoyed the people watching. Now 9 months old, Maureen is crawling. FAST. Her favorite color is shiny. She says "dada" and is starting to make the signs for "milk" and "dog." Mo cut her third tooth this week on the top front right; the first two were the front bottom ones. Her hair has started to curl into ringlets on the back of her neck. She can almost kind of clap but not really--I just want her to. And she loves loves loves music.

But in the past several weeks Momo decided she should start her days at 6am and then only take one 45 minute nap around lunchtime, which is why poor Mommy never updates the blog anymore. I keep telling myself, It's only a phase... Everything is only a phase.


old dog said...

The Crinkle nose and long hair are just too much! I have missed seeing pictures of MoMo. Liz in the punkin' patch with Mo is priceless.

bbmowery said...

Funny you should mention pictures of should be receiving *a few* this week. And I need to email you back. Maybe during naptime while I'm bolting my lunch. :)

Tmomma said...

She's so cute! I love fall and especially love going "pumpkining" as I call it with the kids. This weekend would have been perfect but we caught the kids yucky germs and pretty much did blah. I'm going with Roo to Belvedere (which is so so much cheaper as a field trip) on Wednesday for his field trip and then hopefully we'll all go this weekend to either Westmoreland or maybe somewhere new. I'm hoping to also add in apple picking this year.

old dog said...

The eagle has landed!