Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Want to see my booty?

Check out my booty...

...from the Leprechaun Lilly's fall/winter consignment sale two weeks ago at the St. Mary's Fairgrounds. Pictured above are the following items: a purple hooded winter coat size 2T, a fleece pullover also size 2T, a pair of pink mary janes (that are too small, oops!), a 12M fleece sleep 'n play, two sets of 12M cotton jammies, a 12M cotton romper, several Melissa & Doug musical instruments in original packaging, a stacker toy, two trucks, and a work bench. Not pictured are a sit-and-spin, a toy in original packaging that will be a Christmas gift for a little friend, and a portable booster seat for Gramma Lizzie's house. I should have taken the whole Christmas list with me, as there was a huge Melissa & Doug section. Now you might expect that I dropped a sizable chunk of change on all of these goodies because after an hour in line this stuff was heavy. And I started getting nervous about how much I had picked up. But I walked away with all of this loot for the bargain price of $68. Not too bad.

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