Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've been a little off for the past, oh, six to eight weeks. My new prescription has my thyroid balanced beautifully. But my hair is falling out. And I am very short tempered and irritable. My doctor said, "Your labs look great, but I don't like the hair loss or mood thing." I told him, "Me neither." So we're changing things up in hopes I stop feeling like the Incredible Hulk with male pattern baldness. No change yet.

As an illustration right this moment I am cranked up angry and can't get myself settled down. I've been pissed off more or less since 1:30pm. Maureen had just fallen asleep in the car. I needed her to take a nap, but I also needed to run in to the natural food store in Prince Frederick to pick up some vitamins the doctor wants me to start taking.

I had my fingers crossed that it would be quiet in the store. I forgot about their obnoxious door chimes when you walk in. DING DONG DING DONG! Luckily Mo slept through them. But some jerk in a Yosemite Sam costume was having a really loud conversation with the clerk at the checkout counter. I quickly rolled Mo to the back of the store and skulked there like a shoplifter muttering, "Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up." The loudmouth showed no signs of leaving. "Shut up, shut up, shut up." I peeked at Mo, still miraculously asleep and tried to peruse vitamin labels. Yee-haw! "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph." (It's a Catholic thing, even for lapsed Catholics.)

I finally got the attention of one of the employees. I told her what I was looking for and added that my daughter was sleeping. She said she remembered those days and helped me look around. Meanwhile the guy finally left. I was the only customer in the shop. The clerk asked the owner about one of the supplements. I repeated to the owner that my baby was sleeping, but she ignored me and proceeded to help me at full volume. She found my vitamins, but wanted to know why I was taking them and who was my doctor and isn't he great. By this time another woman walked through the door. DING DONG DING DONG! The owner scurried off to talk to her about natural hair dyes.

And Maureen woke up.

The clerk looked up the price of a vitamin bottle that would not scan. It was $22.95. "Oh? How much is the other one?" $54.99. "Fifty-five dollars? There is NO WAY. I'm really sorry, and I appreciate your help, but that's more than I expected to pay."

I left the vitamins on the counter and pushed the stroller out to the car where I nearly started crying in frustration with myself because there was no reason for Mo's nap to be interrupted because I was never going to pay eighty dollars for vitamins. I buckled her into the car seat, "I'm sorry, baby. Mommy's sorry." I was drenched in sweat and called Robb to vent about the loud-talking jackwagons and overpriced vitamins.

Fast forward several hours. The baby is taking her nap and Robb is home from work, so I make a quick run to Walgreens. The first vitamin I was looking for is not something they stock, but the second one was on the shelf for $6.99 for 100 tablets. Are the ones at the nature store gold plated? Are they made by magical fairies? I get furious all over again about the price discrepancy.

Stopped at a red light on the drive home, I read over the label. Take once a day with a full meal. Caution: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

Un-flippin'-believable. I squeezed the plastic bottle in my hand and fantasized about crushing it in my fist. When I get home I am going to stand in the driveway and throw it over the house into the back yard. I will pitch that piece of garbage vitamin bottle into a tree. Maybe into the river. I will stomp every single pill into dust on the car port.

Stupid wasted seven dollars.

Doctor knows I'm nursing.

Charlatan store owner.

Loudmouth jerks.



I got home and found out that Robb has to travel to Norfolk tomorrow morning as part of the emergency response to Hurricane Irene and will be there for a week, which means I can't go to work this week. Add a jigger of bile and stir. End of illustration.

I have been having days like this for the past two months. I stew about silly things and work myself into a frenzy. Thus far I have resisted the urge to smash the portable phone and baby monitor into millions of pieces. But if I snap before my new new thyroid prescription kicks in, those two items are at the top of my list.


old dog said...

Question: Is Armor the best thing for Hashi's or do they ever use the synthetic. I had a guy friend who had great difficulty with Armor but was convinced because of the naturpath that is was best. He was told it could be a roller coaster ride. I don't know for sure that he had Hashi's or just hypo. I asked my doc long ago about natural vs synthetic. He said it's only one hormone I need and it is very controllable in the synthetic form. I have gone through many changes through the years but never back to the "axe murderer" that I started out as.
I hope your new dosage begins to kick in soon.
Should you pack up and go to mom's for the duration of the storm??

bbmowery said...

Armour is what has me in a tizzy. I am trying synthroid again now but this is only day 2. The doctor asked if I had side effects on synthroid, but when I took it before I was either pregnant or recently post-partum. So I can't distinguish what was preggo stuff and what was thyroid stuff.

The funny part is that the vitamins are supposed to help my mood. Not helping so far. Heh...

Tmomma said...

Hang in there! I'm going to ask a question out of ignorance but only for the possible goal of helping, is Hashimoto's something that acupuncture can help with? You now probably think I'm a total crackpot but there are so many people at work or that a friend of a friend knows that have used acupuncture to help with imblances in the body that it may be worth a try. Hugs!

bbmowery said...

There's a hippie spa next to my doctor's office that probably does acupuncture. I'm not sure if is supposed to help with hashi's or not, though. :)

Tmomma said...

I did a quick internet search and it looks like yes indeed acupuncture can be used to help treat hashimoto's. If Bug were old enough, I would totally take him to do it for his food allergies, I've heard story after story of it curing or at least significantly helping food allergies. I think it's totally hippie but if it works, it works :)