Monday, April 11, 2011

A list

1. Luckily the government did not shut down Friday night, but we were only granted the briefest of reprieves. All that stress gets to repeat again this Friday. Fantastic.

2. Yesterday Maureen met two of her great grandparents, Phil and Dorothy, for the first time.

3. It's 85 degrees outside. Holy Hannah, that's toasty for April. This afternoon Sukey declined the longer walk option offered to her and turned toward home.

4. I'm turning 33 tomorrow, and I'm feeling awfully old. Several friends have/had children in high school by the time they were my age. That calls my time management skills into question, although I don't think I would have been a good mommy in my 20s.

5. I hear fussing.


Anonymous said...

i'll be 33 when i have my first. and my mama had both me and my bro in her 30s. meh. we had other things to do :)

old dog said...

You are a good Mommy and that's wonderful at any age! Happy Birthday!