Monday, March 21, 2011


I recognize that I am boring in that I am completely obsessed with my infant daughter and only posting on baby-related topics these days, but there's really no avoiding it.


Yesterday was Jack's baptism at Grace Church. Here are the three little cousins together at church all looking very serious: Larry, Mo, and Curly. Maureen was wearing a dress from my own babyhood. In fact, it is the dress I arrived in when I was adopted. The hem is embroidered Mommy Loves Me. Indeed.


And Maureen's baptism was three weeks ago. (Has it really been that long?!) Here she is with her godparents Vitad and Amy.

With her grannies

I love this picture of Maureen with her three grandmas.

Meeting Grandpa

We were very spoiled to have Rick and Theresa fly across the country to meet Maureen. It was so good that they could be here for her baptism. A girl can never have too many grandparents!

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old dog said...

Wow how time flies. How fun to have 3 cousins to grow up together. Oh the stories they will tell. Great pictures!