Monday, January 3, 2011


Our tree

As we took our Christmas tree down on Sunday, I realized I didn't post any pics of this year's holiday decorations.

Our mantle


We tried to keep it simple this year. Fresh greens, white lights, and red accents for the mantle and the top of the bookcase. While we're looking back at the holidays, here are a few of my favorite moments.

From left to right: Donna, Charlene (my MIL), Greg, and George (my BIL). Robb really dislikes it when I photograph or film anything in church, but I wanted to save a snippet of Oh Holy Night. Robb told me that using the camera in church is irreverent. But when Kathy Crout was digging through her purse to find a tissue for her son, Robb practically climbed over the pew anticipating that she was about to distribute candy. Nice to meet you, Pot--I'm Kettle.

Kevin and Colin

I wish this picture turned out better, but I did manage to capture the identical expression facial expression on father and son while Jamie opened one of Colin's gifts.

Colin and Robb

This one I like. And I did happen to notice how much Robb was holding his nephew on Christmas Day.

Surprise for Robb

Does anyone else's Mom wrap gifts in tarps?

Robb's new saw

This is Robb's your-mom-has-lost-her-mind look. Don't let him fool you--he was ecstatic with his present.

Mom's new saw

As was Mom with hers. 2010 was the year of the saw. Bet you didn't know that.

Dogs on couch, humans on floor

Nothing says "holiday cheer" quite like a pack of dogs taking over the furniture.

December 26th snowstorm

We dodged the blizzard bullet on the 26th, but the roads in Southern Maryland were pretty slick. We had several inches of really wet snow.

December 26th snowstorm

Here is the whole photo I cut down to make my winter blog banner, from a light snow in mid-December.

Frosty morning

And before that a late-November morning of heavy frost.


Tmomma said...

did your mom redo her kitchen? is the spice rack still there?

bbmowery said...

The spice rack has gone the way of the dodo. She redid the kitchen about 2 years ago. I like the white cabinets a lot.