Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bringing home baby

Welcome to the world, Baby Maureen

It's been such a busy week, what with all the eating, sleeping, and pooping. But I finally found a moment to organize and post photos of our new little one. Enjoy!

First family portrait

Meet your granddaughter

It's a girl!

One day old

This picture was taken a week ago, and it's shocking to me how different Maureen looks already.

Strawberry blond

She still has this full head of strawberry-blondish hair, though. The grandmas assure us that Robb and I both had this hair color when we were small. Who knew?

Daddy as swing

Bringing home baby


Guard dog

Like a little flower

Aunt Jessie visits

Dear Jessie's parents,
Get ideas.

Responsible babysitting

We found a responsible babysitter who will work for cookies. More baby photos are here.


Mo said...


I love her cheeeeeeks!!

Beware-My baby wants your baby's digits.

Anonymous said...

I love her! She is so beautiful. She makes me cry! Looks like her and Sukie are getting along great already! Yay! Although I don't think Sukie will give up on Maureen's stuffed animals - Spike actually roots through Maddy's diaper bag to get to her toys! Our babies!!

bbmowery said...

You know how there are bomb sniffing dogs and drug sniffing dogs? We have decided that Sukey is a poop sniffing dog. She can identify a diaper in need of changing at 20 paces.