Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999

I've started referring to 2014 as "The Year of Barb."

Robb had 2012. He got an iPod and a new truck and travel and jewels and stuff.

Poor 2013 was nobody's joy around here (basement flood disaster and busted heat pump).

But 2014 is mine! I got a gestating fetus, a successful plein air event, Robb's iPod as a hand-me-down, and now my artwork is being featured at Bishop's Stock during June. (Click here for all the information.) My little paintings will be rubbing elbows with the work of 3 female artists for whom I have deep respect and whose work I greatly admire: Lynne Lockhart, Deborah Rolig, and Nancy West. Just look at their work for a hot minute. Holy crap!

The only rub, I'll be in Pittsburgh for the opening reception. And the rest of June is so crazy I will not actually get to go see my work hanging in person. But if you are going to be downa-shure (that's "down at the shore" in Baltimorese), please take a ride to Snow Hill and check out the artwork, grab a nice meal at Harvest Moon, and some ice cream at The Emporium. You'll be glad you did!

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