Saturday, November 30, 2013


Extra stuffing meets waffle iron
Dressing waffle topped with turkey and gravy

I'm no great cook, that's a known fact. But sometimes even a blind chicken gets a grub. Robb's parents sent us home with a gallon ziplock bag full of leftover dressing. I love dressing, just not the second day when it becomes dense doughy goop. We're fixing plates of leftovers for dinner tonight when inspiration strikes. I grab the Belgian waffle iron and tell Robb, "Don't judge me!" Press a layer of dressing into the waffle iron and wait... (Ding, fries are done!) This is a thing of beauty. It re-crispifies the dressing, as though it just came out of the oven with all the yummy crunchy bits. It didn't make it out of the waffle iron in one piece. Maybe if I mixed in some water or a little egg beforehand. Whatever, the taste was awesome. If you have leftover dressing, I dare you to try it. Oh, and be warned: it makes a mess of the waffle iron.

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