Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hi there

Got dressed like a human

Saturday morning I was surprised to find myself home with only the dog, a rare luxury to have the place all to myself. I took an indecently long shower and decided to get dressed like a human. I snapped a photo memorialize the occasion, in case I never get dressed like a human again. I purposely did not make the bed. And I promptly poured coffee down my shirt. Undaunted by the spill I marched out into the world and after accomplishing my sole errand--a brief trip to the hardware store--headed home where I realized that I could accomplish very little around the house dressed like a human. So back into sweatpants I went for laundry, dishes, more coffee, etc.


Rebecca said...


(apparently I'm feeling chatty/commenty today)

bbmowery said...

Hello Becca!