Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We're on the road celebrating and packing on the cellulite. Tis the season. We had so much fun with Robb's family and all the little cousins last night. They were all running around and playing together and treating Uncle Robb like a pony. And we'll spend today with my family and later go visit my cousin Paul and his family. Mo will be enamored with the teenage girls. What a great couple of days!

I continue to be obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. Robb and I are going to see the 2nd movie sometime next week. And a few nights ago I watched a marathon of Frontier House on GAC channel. Do you remember that reality series on PBS about 10 years back? Three families tried to homestead in Montana the way they might have a hundred and fifty years ago. It was a little shocking to watch up against holiday commercials for excess and luxury and glut. All of the adult men lost 30 pounds during the course of filming, shrinking back to the average weight of an adult man in 1850. The families struggle to harvest and preserve enough food for themselves and their animals to survive the winter. Springtime was referred to as "the starving time." And it all has me thinking about how for all of human history we have had to think about obtaining and preparing food almost every waking moment of every day. Until fairly recently. And many people still live this way, scrounging calories any which way they can.

I'm still turning all of this over in my head. In the meantime we're planning to add a few non-perishable items to our grocery list every week to take to the local food pantry. A new and continuing resolution because there is need in our community all year round. And we are very fortunate, very blessed, and very thankful. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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