Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best friends fall photo shoot

Mo and Sukey 3
Mo and Sukey 2
Mo and Sukey 1

Last week. Even when they are driving each other crazy they refuse to be parted. Even when Mo insists that Sukey IS a pony. They are always always so in love.  That last picture cracks me up.


old dog said...

These are so wonderful. So much better than any studio print. Can you send them to my email so I can get good prints?

bbmowery said...

Sure thing!

Tmomma said...

adorable!! reminds me of how Roo and Baxter used to be.

Rebecca said...

:) love these!

Anonymous said...

Love love love them!

You forgot to put "Cutest" at the beginning of the entry title!!!

Jessie :)