Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me!

Robb and Mo made me a birthday cake on Saturday. Mo was not really interested in helping until helping meant licking chocolate frosting off the spatula. We celebrated at Urban Barbeque in Ashton and returned to Mom's house for singing, candles, and cake. I'm still basking in the heap of lovely gifts: books, a cd, a picnic set, assorted food treats, and half a cake left over. What a nice birthday!

I dubbed last week the Week of Nagging Tasks. Robb and I scurried around taking care of things we've been putting off like renewing both our drivers licenses, stacking wood, getting blood drawn, calling the exterminator, and pricing truckloads of mulch. All things not so fun at the time but certainly nice to have in the rear view mirror.

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Diana said...

Happy birthday, and awesome earrings!