Friday, January 4, 2013


Resisting photo shoot

Mom, seriously, I'm right in the middle of something. I'm glad the folks at the portrait studio have better luck than I do at getting this child to pause for a second. Mo loves her butterfly wings but doesn't want to wear them (thank you, Aunt Angie!). When she tried them on she looked over her shoulder like a creepy guy was following her home through a dark alley.

Looking very two this morning

Yesterday was her birthday. I promised her we would not get in the car once (after all the running around we did this holiday season), and I kept my promise. We watched Sesame Street and visited Maggie Mae the dog and ate waffles and danced. [Edited to add...] AND we Skyped with grandparents! It was a very good birthday. We'll make cupcakes tomorrow night.

Over the shoulder

And Mo is looking very two this morning. Happy Birthday, you wonderful kid!

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Tmomma said...

Happy Birthday to Mo Mo. She's darling! And I love the blonde hair. I've learned from Bug that blondes really do have more fun :)