Monday, April 2, 2012


First, some thoughts on plastic grocery bags vs. paper bags vs. reusable and cloth bags. Knowing which is the most responsible choice is less than straightforward.

Second, a smartphone cannot protect you from your dumb friends. Last week a coworker of mine told a series of contradictory lies to leave work early--one of which was that her mother was having a heart attack. (Seriously, what kind of genius invites that kind of karma into their life?) Soon after she was tagged in a Facebook photo getting her swerve on* and enjoying live music at a local bar. Now she is my former coworker. All this connectivity... I bet she regrets checking in as the Mayor of Millertime last Tuesday night.

Third, tomorrow is the Primary Election in Maryland. I will be manning my local polling place for something like 16 hours, including setup and closing chores. So do me a favor, and show up to vote!

* This was a favorite slang phrase for "getting drunk" used by Holly Vial circa 1996. Thinking about this idiom and her makes me smile. I wonder what she is up to these days. What does it mean? Well, it is a drunk driving reference. As drinking would impede your ability to drive without swerving. Drunk driving is, of course, not funny.

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Tmomma said...

I have a bunch of reusable bags that I've been using since Wegmans opened. I always feel terrible when I forget them. When I do mess up and have to use plastic it gets used multiple times, like taking the kids stuff to school, etc. I haven't managed to use reusable bags when I go to the mall yet, need to improve my planning on that but I do decline bags from each store at the mall once I have a bag that will hold everything.

Happy Birthday Month!