Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remember the good times...


...I tell myself because right now we're living in a little place I like to call Molar Town. As much as I want to zip off to OC alone for Paint Snow Hill--and I really really do--there's no way I could leave Robb alone with a teething toddler for a weekend. He would be ready to check into the loony bin by the time I got home. At this moment one molar has fully erupted, and the other three are all coming in at the same time. Poor little Mo. In the meantime here are some photos of our girl from the past two weeks: the playground, Easter, and playing outside. The orange bonnet was mine when I was a little girl. I think Barbara Streaker, my namesake, made it.


Nana and Mo on Easter

Maureen hating her Easter bonnet with Nana

Egg hunt 2

Hates wearing hats

Next to the peonies

Stopping to smell the flowers

Busy lady

Many of my photos look like this last one because Mo's such a busy lady these days. By the time I get the camera ready she has already moved on.


cosymakes said...

oh yes. the teething! we will all come through it. whenever malachi takes a break i think, oh yeah, this is what he's really like.

Tmomma said...

i remember at one point when Bug was teething molars before we realized what it was, we thought he suddenly had massive acid reflux or something terrible going on because he was not himself at all. all 4 just like Mo, no fun!

She's so cute, love the pictures!