Sunday, January 1, 2012

Embroidered ornaments

Working on the L

Now that Christmas has passed, it's finally safe to show you my top secret needlepoint project. I made counted cross stitch ornaments for Great Aunt Sissy, Theresa, Rick, and Mom.

The R T & L ready for assembly

The alphabet I used comes from Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion. It's part of the Meadowflower Tote project on page 80. I also like to look at her blog Posy Gets Cosy. She writes from the heart and has an adorable corgi.

An M for Aunt Sissy

As so often happens a project journal on The Purl Bee caught my eye: Cross-Stitch Ornaments. That was my starting point. So mine are the same...only different. For the front fabric I used a cotton dishcloth, and for the reverse fabric I used a beautiful cotton men's handkerchief with subtle striping. Oh, and inside I lined each tiny pillow with muslin.

Rick's R was my favorite

I played around with the color combinations while I was working. Sissy's is blue and red (M is for Marjorie), Theresa's is purple and yellow, Mom's is green and orange (L is for Liz but I guess I could have done an E), and Rick's is red and pink. Rick's ornament looks the most Christmasy to me, and it was my favorite. Theresa asked how I found the time to get them done. Hey, it's Christmas magic! (And a really awesome husband who takes on baby duty for a full day while I count stitches.)

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old dog said...

They really look nice on the tree. I don't want to put them away:(