Friday, December 23, 2011

Ahead of schedule

Our Christmas tree

I can't remember the last time I wasn't frantically finishing craft projects this close to Christmas. I must have set more reasonable goals this year. I did not handmake gifts for as many people as I would have liked. But yesterday we wrapped the last two gifts and started getting the house in order. The decorating is done. The rubbermaid tubs are back in their storage nook. The only thing unfinished is Maureen's heartwarmer sweater, and that's okay. She has plenty of gifts to open on Christmas day. So I'm just knitting along at a comfortable pace. Nice for a change.

Little Mo bought me a small poinsettia centerpiece when she and her dad were shopping yesterday. She thought I could use a little cheer. That baby is very thoughtful. I wasn't overtly feeling sad, though. At least I don't think so. Not to make the blog a chronicle of misery, but this year has served up some bitter soup: a hurricane and a fall down the stairs, Aunt Julie became ill and died, a former coworker died, two close friends of Mom's died suddenly, a loved one lost a pregnancy, and as we begin the holidays we have two family members in Hospice care--Lisa and Great Aunt Sissy. Mom and I and Mo will travel to Ocean City for Aunt Julie's burial next week. She donated her body to Johns Hopkins for research purposes, and her remains were returned several weeks ago. Maybe her illness will help someone in the future.

Christmas critter finger puppet
Playing with Christmas critter
Think she likes it

Back to the matter at hand. With all this free time, I dug the fleece out of my stash and whipped up a couple of quick projects for Momo. First the Christmas Critter, a finger puppet (maybe a bunny) wearing a kilt. An immediate hit!

Plaid fleece jumper
Plaid fleece jumper

And second (complete with bedhead) a plaid fleece jumper. I used another piece of clothing as a template, and thankfully fleece doesn't need hemming. It probably won't hold up to heavy use, but for this winter it will keep her warm like a sweater vest. And it's short enough to allow for crawling. Although walking is just around the corner.


Tmomma said...

we got a package from you guys this week and one is on the way for Mo.

i'm behind. i decided to add in a hanukkah dinner for tonight and then got a terrible sinus infection followed by my herniated disc deciding to act up, which when i took my pain meds the doc called in yesterday, i fainted in the kitchen after they had kicked in, fun times!

2011 was not the best year and i'm looking forward to an even numbered year ahead!

bbmowery said...

Do you prefer even numbers, too? I think I had a little OCD about it as a kid. I had to eat m&m's in even numbers, etc. I can ignore it as an adult, but I still really like 4. What's up with that?

bbmowery said...

Boo to the fainting! Are you ok?

Tmomma said...

I'm ok! Luckily the stove broke my fall!

Yeah, i prefer even numbers and the number 9. Roo skips 13 when he counts, I don't understand it at all, like he either learned it that way or just doesn't like the number.

Hope you guys are having a great 1st Christmas with Mo!