Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The iterminable bigness

Pulling up

Last week Maureen turned 10 months old. She weighs 19 pounds and is 26.5" long. That's 11 pounds and 9" larger than birth. And especially after seeing baby Zofia this weekend (2 months old), I am astonished by how big our little Momo is. And the bigness, it kills me.

Lowered the crib

I had to work last Thursday night. At some point Momo woke up crying, and when Robb went to check on her, she was standing in the corner of the crib looking at him. She tries to pull up all the time now. The footstool for the rocking chair is a favorite mountain. So Friday Robb moved her crib to the lower setting. I sneaked a picture of her in her newly lowered crib, and look at her sleeping in a heap: she's a gangly  toddler.

Holding her own bottle

Maureen made a liar of me at group when I thought she wanted to play with her bottle. "She doesn't know to tip the end up...," I started to say, and then watched her lean her head back and drink.

Breakfast for baby

The biting got better for a week and then much worse, so I only pump and bottle feed during the daylight hours. But we added solid food breakfast to Momo's daily routine, and it's going very well. That's two a day now. Here is a typical meal: cheddar cheese, avocado, sweet potato, and noodles. Our little scientist devised a test for determining the nature of orange foods: the squeeze test. If it squishes in her fist easily, it's a sweet potato or steamed carrot and should be discarded. If it resists squishing, it's a cheese and should be eaten promptly.

Why we can't go back to group anymore

Last Wednesday was our final day at the breastfeeding support group.* We might go back for weight checks now and again, but Momo is too active. She was the oldest baby by about eight months. We were surrounded by tiny babies doing tummy time on the floor. And there was Maureen growling loudly (her favorite noise to make last week), baring her six teeth, and charging across the floor to try to pounce on them in delight. I had released Attila the Hun on a room full of newborns. Hilarious, right? But sad because I realized we were done. We're going to Storytime tomorrow instead. But we'll see several of Maureen's friends there: Hunter, Drew, and maybe Violet. We'll shake our eggs and hear some stories and practice clapping and be big, big stuff. The biggest.

(*Until I got a message from Kate that tomorrow is her first time going to group this week, so we're going to drop by for moral support.)


Tmomma said...

it's amazing how fast they grow and go Mo for being such a good eater!

old dog said...

Momo, this is grandma speaking. Stop it, stop it now. Shoot, you're gonna be getting your driver's license before we know it. Slow Down girl!