Friday, July 22, 2011


July 22

We're camped out here in perpetual twilight. There are beach towels and blankets slung over every window to combat solar gain. The lights are all off, and forget about running the clothes dryer or firing up the oven. As you can see I need to wash the dishes, but that would call for submerging my hands in warm water. Nope, not happening today.

If you haven't heard the East Coast is broiling these several days. Today is the worst of it. Temps are expected to top 100, and with the humidity factored in they will near 120. I'm off to work, though, where I expect we'll have busy night full of pets suffering the effects of the weather. Hopefully no tragedies. Wherever you are, stay cool. And bring your cats and dogs inside!


Mo said...

Yeah, i was an idiot and ran some errands today. Like an idiot.
*raises a glass of iced tea to you, my fellow Sweating American!*

bbmowery said...

And the boob sweat--ug! Nursing in a heatwave is not fun.