Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting my land legs back

Grapefruit slices

I've been cooking. Last week we had meatloaf and cornbread, then soy-citrus marinated chicken over spinach with banana bread for dessert. Tonight it's fajitas, and we have some lemon bread left from last night. Again and again I turn to the BH&G Cook Book. I may be only a passable cook, but I'm a damned good baker. And Robb is a damned good father, deserving of warm baked goods.

Wet ingredients for banana bread

It's good to cook again. I haven't cooked much since last May when I found out I was pregnant. Between the nausea, my wackadoo thyroid levels, and slight anemia, I didn't feel like doing much of anything. For a year. And the less I did the worse I felt. I was coming off of 2009 which might have been the most creative, most productive year of my entire life. I spent that whole year canning and sewing and painting and knitting and researching like a maniac. Then boom: a fetus ate my homework. I tried to explain this to Mom. "I just didn't feel like cooking last year. Know what I mean?"


Banana bread

Explaining hormone-induced ennui to my mother is like explaining the purpose of speed bumps to a jackrabbit: it's simply not in her nature to have periods of inactivity or to become disinterested in her surroundings. But that's a good trait to have inherited. Aside from pregnancy, I could count on one hand the number of times I've ever been bored. Life is immensely entertaining. Especially now.

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Tmomma said...

can't wait to see what sorts of things you're cooking, I always love the pics people post, they give me ideas of what i think the family would like. and it's hard to believe but i do most of our cooking now, i would have never imagined this a few years ago. and stuff is actually coming out yummy. somewhere along the way i learned to cook! so exciting!