Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby's first Easter

From the Easter bunny

From the Easter fairy

Sing to me Gramma

Baby's 1st Easter

Family walk

Watching at the ceiling fan

We began the day by oversleeping just enough that Daddy went to sunrise service alone while Maureen and Mommy got the day started at home. The Easter bunny stopped by our house and, from the looks of Mo's loot, expects teething to start soon. Our friendly neighborhood Easter fairy left a purple egg with a dollar inside in the flowerbed next to our mailbox. No one has fessed up yet. Maureen changed into her dandelion dress (the one she wore for her baptism reception) in time for Gramma's arrival. It fits her great now. But with temps climbing into the mid-80s and high humidity, she spent most of the day in only a onesie. For Easter dinner Daddy made crab imperial, baked potatoes, peas, and salad. For dessert Gramma made a coconut cake. After dinner we all went for a walk. Then as she loves to do when we have company staying over, Mo got set to party all night. By about midnight Daddy finally soothed her to sleep in the living room where they both stayed all night: Daddy on the couch and Mo in her bouncer.


old dog said...

Girls just wanna have fu-un...Mo just wants to have fun.
Did you know MoMo means Peaches is Japanese?
Glad Gramma could be there. I'm not even green... but I do love the pictures!

bbmowery said...

This picture blows me away --


Can you believe how big she is???